Another White Supremacist Killing Spree: Charleston

I am committed to channeling my grief and rage into action. I will not let it consume me. Join me: let’s use the space to come up with as many specific, tangible actions people can take right now.

  • I will call this what it is: an act of domestic terrorism fueled by white supremacy and anti-Black racism.
  • I will say their names: Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., Rev. Sharonda Singleton, Myra Thompson.
  • I will not give any space to the white supremacist terrorist: I will not speak his name, discuss his motivations, post stories about him, or share images of him.
  • I will advocate for Oklahoma to raise hate crimes from a misdemeanor to a felony.
  • I will not be complicit in the silence and distancing that always follows racial violence.
  • I will use my spaces and access to lift up Black voices, even and especially when they make me uncomfortable.
  • I will bring up Charleston (and Tulsa, and Ferguson, and McKinney, and Baltimore, and the hundreds of other sites of violence against Black bodies) in casual conversation, at work, with my family, and in other spaces, even when it’s awkward or tiring.
  • I will redirect discussions when others try to make this about mental illness, or class, or guns, or lone wolves, or anti-Christian bigotry (?!) or any other distractions that keep us from talking about systemic racism.
  • I will not privilege the discomfort of people who do not experience racism over the real harm caused by racism.
  • I will name and interrupt the myriad ideas, behaviors, and actions that are the building blocks to violence, including “jokes,” slurs, policies, segregation, and silence.
  • I will do what I am called to do by Black anti-racist activists.

If you are not Black, what do you commit to? If you are Black, what else do you want to see from allies?

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